Our writers are highly qualified professionals in their fields. Administrators have less sway over a writing firm or agency than its authors do. In other words, the writer serves as the agency’s public face.

At Bestcustomwriter.com, we take great care in selecting the people who join our staff. Our writers are the heart and soul of our company. Aside from their obvious qualifications as competent professionals, they also have a wealth of practical experience.

Anyone who applies to be a writer for Best Custom Writer must first go through a thorough vetting process. We only want the best writers who are passionate about their work, so that you receive top-notch results. In a writer, we’re looking for the following:

Educative Credentials

A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree is required for all of our writers. Academic writings such as capstone projects necessitate a great deal of expertise in a specific field, so we’re not taking any chances. Because of this, we want our writers to be equally well-educated and knowledgeable about a particular topic. You can expect the writer assigned to your project to have a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree in the field of study in which your academic writing is based.


If you want to join our team, you must have at least three years of thesis writing experience. However, all of our writers continue to receive specialized education. We make sure that everyone who joins our team knows exactly what they’re doing.


Wouldn’t it be strange if we received a paper written in English and returned it to you in a language other than English? Such an error would be disastrous.

Writers who are fluent in both writing and speaking in English are eligible to join our elite team of thesis writers. For this reason, most of our writers are native English speakers, and even they have to take a grammar test to ensure that they are up to par.

The ability to communicate effectively

We would not bring on board someone who is rude in speech or a writer who is unable to follow instructions or is unwilling to listen. It’s our goal for our customers to enjoy both the paper they received and the service they received from us.

Typing and Writing Prowess

It all comes down to the writer’s ability, in the end. How well are they able to conduct thorough research and write without a trace of plagiarism in their work? They must be able to type quickly enough to ensure that the paper is turned in on time.

Writers must be fast typists, understand writing styles, formatting, citation and be able to produce an A+ paper for our clients.

We may seem demanding, but that’s because we’re serious about the quality of our work. Our customers are important to us, and we want them to be completely satisfied with our services.

Each and every one of our writers has met and even surpassed these standards. With us, I’m confident that our writers’ dedication and commitment will impress you as well. Please get in touch with us right away!

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